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Title: "HostRooster User Level Scenarios: Upgrades and Sales Requirements Explained

Welcome to the exciting world of HostRooster! As you embark on your journey to success, understanding the ins and outs of user level upgrades and sales requirements is essential. In this comprehensive FAQ, we'll explore two scenarios featuring our feathery friends, Feathered Fred and Hatching Henrietta, to illustrate how HostRooster's user level upgrades work based on sales performance. So, strap on your wings and prepare to dive into the wonderful realm of HostRooster User Level Scenarios!

Scenario 1: Cock-a-Doodle-Doo Upgrade!

In the vibrant land of HostRooster, a savvy seller named Feathered Fred manages to sell two jobs at $10 each, totaling $20 in sales for the month. After the platform fees, Feathered Fred pockets a neat $18.

Question: Does Feathered Fred pass the sales requirement for an upgrade?

Answer: Yes, he does! HostRooster considers the total sales amount (before fees) for upgrades. So, Feathered Fred spreads his wings and takes flight to a higher user level!

Scenario 2: The Hatching Hurdle

A new seller, Hatching Henrietta, joins HostRooster on 02/05/2020. She sells two jobs at $10 each before 02/06/2020, earning $18 after fees. Then, after 02/06/2020, Hatching Henrietta sells two more jobs at $10 each, totaling $20 in sales.

Question: On 02/07/2020, will Hatching Henrietta be upgraded, or does she need to sell $40 worth of jobs in one month to be upgraded?

Answer: Hatching Henrietta must sell $40 worth of jobs in a single month to upgrade. In this scenario, she doesn't quite make the cut on 02/07/2020. But with a little more perseverance, she'll soon spread her wings and soar to higher user levels in the HostRooster world!

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