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HostRooster payment process

Here is a detailed description of the HostRooster payment process: Once a buyer initiates a payment, the funds are securely deposited into the administrator's account, using a chosen payment method such as PayPal, Stripe, etc.

The buyer and seller are then granted access to a private transaction page where they can communicate and finalize details of the order.

Upon delivery of the files by the seller, they can mark the transaction as "delivered", triggering a review period for the buyer. The buyer has several days (determined by the administrator's settings) to either accept the delivery, request modifications, or request a mutual cancellation. If the buyer does not respond within the set time, the transaction will be automatically completed.

Once the buyer accepts the delivery and marks it as "accepted", the transaction enters a clearing period, which lasts for 14 days by default (the administrator has the ability to modify the number of days or disable this feature). The clearing period serves as a security measure to protect the administrator from chargebacks. At the end of the clearing period, the funds will be transferred to the seller's account as a credit balance.

The seller may then request a withdrawal of their funds, based on the approved withdrawal options set by the administrator. Withdrawing funds through PayPal is a simple two-step process (semi-automated). By selecting the desired withdrawals, and clicking the "process" button, the system will automatically initiate PayPal payments. All other withdrawal options must be processed manually by the administrator and marked as "processed" in the withdrawal section.

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