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Knowledge Base

  1. Account 

    1. How to Deactivate Your HostRooster Account?
    2. How to Permanently Delete Your Account
  2. Affiliate Program 

    1. What is the HostRooster Referral URL Generator?
    2. What is the HostRooster Affiliate Program?
    3. How do I join the HostRooster Affiliate Program?
    4. How does the HostRooster referral link work?
    5. What is the commission structure for the HostRooster Affiliate Program?
  3. Buyers 

    1. How can I contact a buyer?
  4. Communication 

    1. Why is it important to keep communication within HostRooster?
    2. Can I share my email or phone number to make communication more convenient?
    3. What happens if I accidentally share my contact information on HostRooster?
    4. Can I use video calls or other external tools to collaborate with clients or freelancers on HostRooster?
    5. What should I do if someone asks me to take the conversation off-platform?
  5. Community 

    1. Does HostRooster contact its users?
  6. Files 

    1. Hostrooster File Upload Policy
    2. How Do I Send Large Files on HostRooster®?
  7. Jobs 

    1. How to make your HostRooster Profile stand out
    2. How does HostRooster® work for beginners?
    3. Can I join HostRooster with no experience?
    4. What is a freelancer job?
    5. What is the difference between a job and a service on HostRooster?
  8. Levels 

    1. What is the HostRooster Level System?
    2. Can a user achieve Level 3 on their own?
    3. How can I request access to Level 3?
    4. Title: "HostRooster User Level Scenarios: Upgrades and Sales Requirements Explained
    5. Do I need to pass both the rating and sales requirements to upgrade my user level? And do you count my sales before or after other costs and admin fees?
  9. News 

    1. HostRooster's Instant Download Feature: A Step-by-Step Guide to Selling eBooks on the Platform
  10. Notifications 

    1. How can I ensure that I receive emails from HostRooster?
  11. Payment 

    1. HostRooster payment process
    2. Can I cancel my withdrawal?
    3. Do I have to pay taxes on income earned on HostRooster?
    4. Can I accept a tip?
    5. How often does HostRooster pay?
  12. Privacy 

    1. HostRooster's Commitment to Privacy: Safeguarding Our Coop's Communication
  13. Projects 

    1. What is a project?
  14. Sellers 

    1. What is a freelancer on HostRooster, and do they have feathers?
    2. What's the difference between a freelancer and a seller on HostRooster, or are they just birds of a feather?
  15. Subscriptions 

    1. What happens to my User Level settings when I activate Subscriptions?
    2. Can User Levels and Subscriptions coexist on HostRooster?
    3. How do subscriptions work?
    4. What are the benefits of having a Subscription over User Levels?
    5. If I have a Subscription, can I still retain my User Level benefits?
  16. All articles 

    1. What is the Minimum withdrawal amount?
    2. What is WordPress?
    3. What is a digital marketplace?
    4. What is HostRooster?
    5. Three ways to acquire clients

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